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 IDF Soldiers, Kibbutz Beeri October 15, 2023

Gaza border towns to be nat'l priority with housing benefits


Recovery in the apartment market during Q3: Will it continue?

History on the Knesset table: Will 40k Indian workers come to Israel?

The end of long-delayed urban renewal projects?

Rapid construction licensing reform underway

Will Israel's Thai workers return to agriculture, construction jobs?

This Israeli city saw a 28% rise in apartment prices in 2023

Marketing revolution in real estate: maximizing apartment sales processes

Crisis response: Eilat welcomes thousands seeking shelter and support

 Israeli citizens pack donations of food and other necessities for the Israeli soldiers and citizens in the south, in Tel Aviv, October 15, 2023

2,200 evacuees stranded in a remote area, urgently seek assistance

Immediate opening of new hospital departments among emergency decisions

Government promotes quick use of buildings as shelters in northern cities

Renewing protection: 136 in the South, 3,257 in Tel Aviv

Live in a private house without a building permit? Construction permit in two weeks

Saving agriculture: 5 "Envelope" kibbutzim to receive long-term contracts

National Victory: New tenders for commerce and employment in Ashkelon

Gov't approves building 800 apartments with safe rooms in Ashkelon

Real estate groups offer free apartments to displaced Israeli families

 RUVENI'S NURSERY: The carnage

Did Israel let real estate developers destroy a privately-owned nursery?

 Blockchain technology concept. 3D illustration.

Why is Israel pushing for blockchain-based real estate? - interview

 BRIGA TOWERS, aerial view, as seen from beach, with Ir Yamim skyline in background.

Netanya: The rise of Ir Yamim

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