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Find the best workout routines, training plans, fitness tips and exercise trends - from HIT workouts and arm moves to abs. Build muscle and get fit.

Do you want to strengthen your abdominal muscles? Try these three exercises

How much does exercise help with depression and anxiety?

By TAL BEN MOSHE/WALLA! , Irit Smilanski/Walla!
 A person on his back wearing sports clothing walking through a park

How many steps should you take each day to reduce premature death? - study

Do you want to improve fitness, strength and brain function? Walk this way

By Walla!

This simple action could help reduce the risk of heart disease

By Walla!
 Israelis exercis at an outdoor gym by the beach on a hot summer day, in Tel Aviv, on July 28, 2020

Most Israelis don't use outdoor exercise equipment for exercise - study

 WALKING IN central Jerusalem: It doesn’t cost any money to go out for a walk everyday.

Could walking extend your lifespan? - study

 Illustrative image of a woman exercising.

A few minutes of exercise a day can reduce risk of cancer - study

 A couple in bed together, sex (Illustrative)

This exercise can help men last 2 minutes longer during sex

 Person doing push ups (illustrative)

These five work out habits look healthy but can really harm your body

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 Standing on one leg (Illustrative).

Want to check if you're healthy? Do this simple exercise


Plastic surgeon warns: This type of exercise leads to wrinkles

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  Runners at the Jerusalem Marathon 2022, March 25, 2022.

Why do many people start running when they reach the age of 40?

 Illustrative image of a woman stretching.

What's the best way to stretch when you're working out?

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 Miley Cyrus performs between games of the national semifinals of the Final Four of the 2021 NCAA Tournament at Lucas Oil Stadium. April 3, 2021, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Move like Miley Cyrus: How to do the workout from the 'Flowers' video

A man speaks on the phone whilst sitting at his desk in his office. (Illustrative)

Sitting for too long is dangerous. Here's what'll help

By Walla!
Israelis walk the streets of Tel Aviv, July 6, 2021.

Health damage from prolonged sitting? Take a 5-min. stroll every 30 min.

Monty Python's 'silly walks' an easy way to be active, healthy - study

Israeli fitness buffs gather in Tel Aviv to hold the biggest Pilates class ever in Israel

Want to increase your libido? Try this physical activity

By Walla!
 Israeli study finds that that training on a treadmill plus virtual reality helps improve walking, cognition and depression in relapsing-remitting MS patients, November 24, 2022.

Training on treadmill with VR can help MS patients - study

lifting weights at the gym

How can you get back into working out after a long time of no exercise?

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