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Mental Health

Understanding mental health is vital for educating, empowering, and reducing stigma as well as improving mental well-being for individuals and society.

The released abductees arrived at Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital last night

Doctors treating hostages: They don't teach this in medical school

 We transmit faith in the ability of the person in front of us to recover, to overcome, to get on a path of recovery. The kidnapped return

How do you support hostages who are now coming home?

By Dr. Oren Tana
The dog Ranger and one of the patients

Dogs of Love: The cutest and most exciting project of the war in Gaza

By Walla!
 Not knowing what happened to your loved one is much more difficult

How can Israelis beat Hamas's psychological war?

By Nir Essar , Walla!
CHILDREN ARE forced to spend time in a safe room in Ashkelon as rockets are fired from the Gaza Strip.

How do we provide the best care for the mental health of freed hostages?

Soldier Depressed 311

IDF denies therapy to Bedouin soldier traumatized on Oct. 7 - report

15 victims of October 7 massacre forcibly hospitalized

Israel at war - Three unconventional tips for dealing with stress

 WHO MAKES an evacuation plan from a playground?

Coping with the stress of war: Handling the new reality


Brain puzzle: Move two matches to make the highest possible number


Israel at war: How can we recognize signs of stress in children?

By Walla!

Radiologists face horror, nightmares identifying Hamas victim corpses

By Doron Kooperstein/Walla!

How to use the stress from the Israel-Hamas war to lose weight

By Dr. Raz Hagoel/Walla!
 A bomb shelter in Israel.

How to cope with Hamas rocket attacks while living alone

Quiz: Test your emotional resilience

By Walla!
 IDF MENTAL HEALTH chief Tat-Aluf (Col.) Dr. Lucian Tatsa-Laur.

Emotional repercussions from the war will fade for some, but many will still need help

 People call on the release of Israelis held hostage by Hamas militants in Gaza, outside the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv. October 19, 2023.

Health Ministry must improve treatment guidelines for released hostages - expert

Artwork of Gennady Skoserev.

WATCH: Be’eri victims of Hamas are painting out their trauma


Stress makes you break out with acne. Here's how to solve it

By Walla!

Genius challenge: Rearrange two matches to solve the exercise

 An illustrative image of an employee being stressed at work.

How can managers help employees handle stress, anxiety amid Hamas war?

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