Everything you need to know about diet and nutrition, including recipes and supplements

 Caffeine suppositories for Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur's strangest trend: Meet the caffeine suppository

Five medicines you shouldn't mix with coffee

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Discover the top 5 vegetables for a healthy gut

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 CHILDREN ENJOY ice cream cones. Parents have been told by the Education Ministry that they must not give milk; yellow cheese; cottage cheese; peanut snacks like Bamba or peanut butter; and many more staples to their children to bring to school.

'Dangerous' allergenic foods should be allowed in schools, experts say

Why you should eat dinner before sunset

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How much red meat is OK to eat? Health experts weigh in

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Why can't we stop eating ultra-processed snacks?

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Two cups of espresso could help ward of Alzheimer's - study

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The secret health benefits of banana strings and peels

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The incredible benefits of adding oats to your daily diet

 A flexitarian diet involves eating more plant-based meals

Five foods you think are healthy but are actually ultra-processed

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Woman in her 30s loses 181 kilograms

 Black Iron's wagyu beef

Where's the beef? Half of US beef eaten by 12% of population - study

Creating satisfying, healthy shakes: Ingredients for lasting fullness

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 Person doing push ups (illustrative)

Do you need carbohydrates to increase muscle mass or will protein do the job?

Melon has surprising health benefits that you may not know about

Unveiling the hidden health benefits of the humble melon

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Ecoams Planet faces environmental challenge posed by plastic bottles

Sugary drinks tied to deadly liver disease - study

 View of cantaloupe and canary melons cut and whole.

Melon: Summer's underrated nutritional powerhouse

 Mother and baby

This mother's diet can protect your grandchildren's brains


Eating pecans often can have health benefits - study

 An X-ray image of a hip fracture.

Vegetarians 50% more likely to break their hips - study

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