Torah Portion

Articles on the weekly Torah readings, including inspiration and explanations.

 AFTER COVERING their heads with ‘tallitot,’ the Kohanim raise their hands to bless the congregation (Pictured: On Sukkot at the Western Wall)

Parashat Naso: The Priestly Blessing’s many layers

 THE TORAH is a Torah of life, a Torah of grace.

Parashat Naso: ‘Torat hessed’ – Shavuot

 EACH STAR has its own singularity in size, position and role in the astronomical system. Pictured: Near Mitzpe Ramon.

Parashat Bamidbar: Equality and uniqueness

 FIRST GRADERS pray at the Western Wall after receiving their first ‘siddur.’

Parashat Bamidbar: Prayer sources

 AS RAV Hinnana bar Kahana said, a menstruating woman can count for herself.

Parashat Behar-Behukotai: Fidelity as the hallmark of relationships

 MOUNT KARKOM, winterbourne waterfall (dry state) atop a mountain ridge.

Parashat Behar-Behukotai: Higher and higher

 THE TORAH tells us to release our grip on the land – and on one another.

Parashat Behar-Behukotai: How can we advance toward peace?

 THE MENORAH, as seen on the Arch of Titus.

Parashat Emor: ‘Ner Tamid’: Many meanings

 Speak to the child at eye level

Parashat Emor: The educator’s role

 A LEAF is not the tree but is part of the tree.

Parashat Acharei Mot-Kedoshim: Why holiness matters to society

 ‘GIFTS OF the poor’: What are the nuances when growing grapes?

Parashat Acharei Mot-Kedoshim: We aren’t in control!

 EACH PERSON faces two inherent contradictory tendencies.

Parashat Tazri’a Metzorah: Loneliness vs societal life

 EIGHT HIGHLIGHTS the new future chapter in one’s life.

Parashat Tazri’a Metzorah: The value of eight

 WE ALL stand before God as equal human beings.

Parashat Shmini: When God fights tyranny

 THAT WAY out? In our hands.

Parashat Shmini: Our most important partnership with God

 FOOD BRINGS people closer: Dining room of Kibbutz Ein Dor, east of Afula.

Parashat Tzav: Peace with people and with God

 IN THE army, for example, commanders give orders to their troops.

Parashat Tzav: Reclaiming the mitzvot

 SALT FORMATIONS on the Dead Sea shore.

Parashat Vayikra: Please pass the salt

 FLOUR: MEAGER sacrifice?

Parashat Vayikra: What gives value to an act?

 IN EVERYDAY, mundane life we are called upon to walk by the light of the cloud.

Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei: The complementary experiences

 Construction of the Mishkan does not take priority over the Sabbath’s sanctity

Parashat Ki Tisa: Devotion to Shabbat

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