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365 Days of Israeli Culture
Around the World

Every day, in every way, Israeli diplomats are promoting cultural
relations and exporting Israeli arts to the world
 Gal Gadot at Israel’s Independence Day event in LA

Celebrating the Spirit of Israel in Los Angeles


 Israel at Annecy Animation Festival

Israel recreates iconic Jerusalem’s Sacher Park at the Annecy Animation Festival in France


Israel and China celebrate friendship with Mozart concert


When I'm not breathing, It hurts less (Hadas Elimelech, Ink on paper)
Separation The Burning Bush (Hadas Elimelech, Ink on paper)
My separate lover (Hadas Elimelech, Ink on paper)
Growth (Hadas Elimelech, Ink on paper)
Blues (Hadas Elimelech, Ink on paper)
 Galit Krupik (photo by Yaeli Gabriely)
 Daniella Block (photo by Dror Miler)
 Pardes By Vertigo dance company (photo credit: Olad Debi)
Pardes By Vertigo dance company (photo credit: Olad Debi)
 Identity (Sue Sarit Rosen)
 Avinu Malkeinu (Sue Sarit Rosen)
 Helium (Su Sarit Rosen)
Help Boxman (David Avital)
Mother (1993) (Kaya Sherchan)
Sha'ar Hanegev (Aviva Huber)
Āhuacatl (Aviva Huber)
Matchena (Uzi Greif Caldas. Photo by Daniel Hanoch)
Rabbi David Buzaglou (Moshe Kakon)
Self Portrait (Motta Brim)
Liana's House (Motta Brim)
Shoshan's House (Motta Brim)
Adam (Heidi Stern)
 Lorcan (Heidi Stern)
 Stories of the well traveled heart (Inbal Nissim)