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Pregnancy & Birth

Everything you need to know about how to care for yourself and your baby during pregnancy and childbirth

 Baby (Illustrative)

Navigating reproductive health in Israel is no easy feat

 AN ABORTION rights activist charges that the US Supreme Court is ‘illegitimate,’ at a protest in Washington, in June, on the first anniversary of the court ruling which overturned Roe v Wade.

‘Politicians in robes’: How a sharp right turn has endangered trust in the US Supreme Court

Illustrative image of Invitro therapy.

Jewish group helps Alabama clients after state's 'fetal personhood' ruling

By Jackie Hajdenberg/JTA
 Two pregnant women walk and exercise.

High step counts can help women avoid complications in childbirth, Israeli study reveals

  United States Supreme Court overturns the landmark Roe v Wade abortion decision

Missouri accuses Planned Parenthood of 'trafficking' minors to get abortions

 Delivery room, illustration

New guidelines: When should a vacuum extraction birth be performed?

 People take part in a protest in support of the release and protection of hostages held in Gaza, kidnapped by Hamas during the October 7 attack, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, near Urim, southern Israel, January 12, 2024

Welfare Ministry prepares for return of sexually abused kidnapped women


The birth of new babies is the best answer to the horrors, midwives say

Sheba administered anti-rabies vaccine to women after birth by mistake


Israel at war - For pregnant women, the security crisis brings additional challenges

By Walla!
 A pregnant woman touches her belly.

Brain is ‘rewired’ during pregnancy to prepare for motherhood - study

Woman faces open-heart surgery from wrongly implanted contraceptive

What postpartum depression medications can you take while breastfeeding?

By Walla!

63-year-old and 26-year-old start a parenthood journey

Illustrative image of Invitro therapy.

Israeli algorithm could help improve chances of IVF success

A pregnant woman sits on a bed holding her belly.

How to recover from childbirth – an expert guide

 Illustrative image of a fetus.

Exposure to these chemicals during pregnancy can impact your baby - study

 Tatiana Cohen is seen with her child at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center after lifesaving surgery.

Israeli doctors save pregnant woman, baby from ruptured artery

 Depressed woman (Illustrative).

US FDA approves new pill for postpartum depression

 Illustrative image of a fetus.

Why doesn’t a pregnant woman’s immune system kill her fetus in the womb?

Illustrative image of Invitro therapy.

Fertility doctors condemn Health Ministry's move to restrict Assuta IVF

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