Pregnancy & Birth

Everything you need to know about how to care for yourself and your baby during pregnancy and childbirth

63-year-old and 26-year-old start a parenthood journey

Illustrative image of Invitro therapy.

Israeli algorithm could help improve chances of IVF success

A pregnant woman sits on a bed holding her belly.

How to recover from childbirth – an expert guide

 Illustrative image of a fetus.

Exposure to these chemicals during pregnancy can impact your baby - study

 Tatiana Cohen is seen with her child at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center after lifesaving surgery.

Israeli doctors save pregnant woman, baby from ruptured artery

 Depressed woman (Illustrative).

US FDA approves new pill for postpartum depression

 Illustrative image of a fetus.

Why doesn’t a pregnant woman’s immune system kill her fetus in the womb?

Illustrative image of Invitro therapy.

Fertility doctors condemn Health Ministry's move to restrict Assuta IVF

 Pregnant woman suffers from depression (Illustrative)

Stress in pregnancy can harm children's gut microbiome - study

 Researchers find both children of parents with mental illness are at increased risk of being born too early – both the mothers and fathers are important.

Fathers' psychiatric diagnosis increases risk of preterm birth - study

Illustrative image of Invitro therapy.

Health Ministry orders Assuta reduce activity after IVF scandals

Midwifery continuity care was found to give women better pregnancy experiences than those who didn't have it.

This is the safest age to give birth: New study's surprising findings

By Walla!
Portrait of a depressed young woman

Israeli researchers find breakthrough in postpartum depression diagnosis, treatment

 An embryo week 9-10

What are the biggest myths on fertility?

By Prof. Yoel Shopro/Walla! , Dr. Eran Altman/Walla!
 A gynecologist performs an ultrasound scan at Robert Karoly Private Hospital in Budapest, Hungary, July 4, 2019. Picture taken July 4, 2019.

Brain surgery performed in-utero saves baby's life after birth

 Mother and baby

Can a kiss on the lips be fatal for babies?

Pregnant woman (Illustrative)

20% of women have natural pregnancy after conceiving a baby with IVF – study

  Pregnant woman scrolls on her computer (Illustrative)

Eating for two? Here’s what you need to know

Localisation of endometriosis, illustrative.

Doctors discover possible hormone-free endometriosis treatment - study

  Pregnant woman scrolls on her computer (Illustrative)

Fresh food, legumes, vitamin D can help prevent preeclampsia - study

 An embryo week 9-10

Israeli hospital: Five miscarried embryos kept in a lab for years, families unaware

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