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Israeli firm Partner is going green by switching to electric cars

 Partner Communications Group electric vehicles  (photo credit: Courtesy)
Partner Communications Group electric vehicles
(photo credit: Courtesy)

A new green initiative at Partner is helping the company add more cars to its electric car fleet.

Israeli communications firm Partner and Innova have signed a long-term deal to help Partner switch most of its employees' cars from gas to electric.

Innova will work with Partner, the first communications company in Israel to implement this switch, to install electric charging stations at the company's headquarters and in employees' homes.

Innova will provide Partner with charging stations over the next few years to match the pace of shifting to electric cars. Innova's management system provides smart management for charging and distributing electricity to all the stations with tracking, supervision, collection and analysis of electricity consumption data.

Dozens of stations have already been installed at Partner's headquarters in Rosh Ha'ayin, with the company's electric car fleet being one of the largest corporate fleets in Israel. 


Innova, led by Yuval Keinan, is a subsidiary of Nofer Energy and the Malgam Group, which promotes comprehensive solutions in the field of renewable energy. The Electricity Company and the Energy Ministry predict that by the year 2030, one million electric cars will be in use in Israel.

 (credit: INGIMAGE)
(credit: INGIMAGE)

Partner: Israel is headed towards an efficient, greener future

Partner deputy CEO Daganit Kramer stated that "we are headed towards a more advanced, efficient and greener future.

"Along with excellence and leadership in communications, Partner has brought innovation, sustainability and knowledge to sustain the environment."

Keinan added that "Innova is happy to partner with Partner in transitioning to green transportation as part of the growing trend in Israel for companies to shift out at least some of their cars for electric vehicles. Innova's unique, economical and efficient solutions enable charging at work, at home and in public to all be on a single bill."