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Israeli minister: Abbas is 'world's most dangerous Holocaust denier'

Minister Amichai Chikli and Mahmoud Abbas (photo credit: REUVEN KAPUCHINSKI, WIKIPEDIA)
Minister Amichai Chikli and Mahmoud Abbas

Israeli Minister Amichai Chikli exposes Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as a 'dangerous Holocaust denier' in a viral video moments after Abbas's UN speech.

Amichai Chikli, Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism Minister, wasted no time in sharing a video immediately after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the United Nations General Assembly. In this video, Chikli made a startling assertion, declaring Abbas as "the most dangerous Holocaust denier in the world."

Taking to Twitter (formerly known as X), Chikli didn't mince words, asserting, "Mahmoud Abbas stands as one of the foremost and most perilous Holocaust deniers globally, with his primary focus being the funding of terrorists responsible for the ruthless killing of innocent women and children. It's high time that the world recognizes him for who he truly is."

The video Chikli shared contained a shocking quote attributed to Abbas: "Even Hitler claimed he fought against the Jews because they were involved in usury and finance." Furthermore, the video included historical press coverage of Abbas making a deeply contentious statement years ago, accusing Israel of promoting "50 Holocausts" against the Palestinian people.


In this move, Chikli sought to draw attention to what he considers a grave issue and to challenge the international community to confront Abbas's alleged denial of the Holocaust and his association with terrorism.