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 Using a secret code in WhatsApp

WhatsApp to Introduce secret code lock for added privacy

 With her husband

Actress Jamie Gratz: from seinfeld to richest in the world

By Walla!
 sea lion

Shocking moment: Sea Lion brutally tears apart shark in lightning strike

By Walla!

Bride's provocative wedding song leads to immediate divorce

By Walla!

Unbelievable: mother-daughter lookalikes who go on dates together

By Walla!
 Plant, illustration

"£12 Plant worth £170 per leaf leaves couple astonished"

By Walla!
 Hike in Alaska at summertime

Americans discover truth: Alaska not an island, blame education

By Walla!
Heinz tomato Ketchup is show on display during a preview of a new Walmart Super Center prior to its opening in Compton, California, US, January 10, 2017.

The dangerous yet effective trick to empty your ketchup bottle

By Walla!
 Former boxer Mike Tyson reacts as he speaks to the media, before the weigh-in of International Boxing Federation (IBF) World Championship Bout at the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China, on the outskirts of Beijing, China, May 24, 2016

Mike Tyson attacked man, demands huge compensation

By Walla!
 dots on umbrella

The surprising purpose of the black dots on your car windshield

By Walla!

Monkeys spotted roaming the Gaza Strip in entertaining documentary

This is how you assess your bad dreams

Enduring nightmares due to the situation? Learn to transform them

By Sagi Mendelboim / Walla
Breast growth in men - Why does it happen?

Research revealed: 50% of men will develop breasts - Here's why

For brain and heart health: 8 healthy reasons to have more sex

By Walla!
 health, traditional medicine, folk remedy

The healthiest and most delicious tea for a nourished body

By Ortal Brobin-Chen/ walla!
Up to 30 minutes

The perfect bath length: 22 minutes for restful sleep

By Walla!
 An "alien" corpse presented to Congress in Mexico last September

Confirmation: "Mexican Alien Mummies" are not human

By Walla!

"Selena Gomez under attack again for alleged Zionist affiliation"

By Walla!

Doomsday clock warns world of catastrophe in 2024

By Walla!
 An illustration of a nice deep space planet

Laser message reaches earth from 16 million kilometers away

By Walla!
 September 11

Mystic who predicted disastrous twins in terrifying 2024 forecast

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