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 Illiustration: Buildings in the center

Rising prices in Israel: Impact on second-hand apartments? View this week's deals

 A view of the luxury apartments and tall buildings in downtown Jerusalem, on October 27, 2015. Most of the luxury apartments are owned by foreign residents or by Israelis who use them as vacation homes. The city with the largest number of phantom apartments is Jerusalem.

Ghost apartments: How empty homes haunt Jerusalem's housing landscape

Aura to build 1,300 apartments in Kiryat Yam


Why apartment insurance is essential

By Yaron Hollander , Regulation , Product Development Manager at AIG , in collaboration with AIG
 Investment in real estate

Reconsidering buying a new apartment for resale upon key receipt?

 New regulations demand full transparency in urban renewal.

New regulations demand full transparency in urban renewal

Luxury door solutions: Rav Bariach embarks on high-end project

 The border fence between Israel and Lebanon.

Plan for hundreds of Moshav Liman apartments approved

 Nayot is a predominantly residential neighborhood, away from the hustle and bustle of other Jerusalem areas.

Nayot: Peace and quiet amid Jerusalem’s hustle and bustle

Illustration: Miami Penthouse Sells for $120 Million.

Breaking records: Will this penthouse double Miami's sales record?

 An old building in Givatayim without safe room.

Safe room apartments: demand & second-hand transaction impact

 Originally built to house Jewish refugees, Kiryat Hayovel was the site of major government housing projects in the 1950s.

Kiryat Hayovel: A hub of remarkable diversity

 View from the newest city in Israel, Harish, located in the North. April 10, 2023.

Surprisingly, not Tel Aviv: The unexpected city with the most renters in Israel

 MISHKENOT HA'UMA in Jerusalem

Mishkenot Ha’uma: A new center of national and urban sophistication

 Renewal Plan for the Sela Neighborhood in Netanya.

Netanya's history: Pioneering Sela's neighborhood revitalization program

The lowest socioeconomic mustn't pay for war aid

  Ed Sheeran

Living among celebs: Ed Sheeran vacates expensive Brooklyn apartment

Is it the right time to explore and seize opportunities in the Israeli housing market? Absolutely.

Is it time to seize opportunities in Israeli real estate