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Mother reading to a baby girl.

Reading nursery rhymes and singing to babies can help them learn language

 An IDF soldier loads incubators into a van to be delivered to Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. November 14, 2023.

IDF offers incubators for Gaza newborns, aid to Al-Shifa Hospital

A premature Palestinian baby lies in an incubator at the maternity ward of Shifa Hospital, which according to health officials is about to shut down as it runs out of fuel and power, as the conflict between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas continues, in Gaza City October 22, 2023.

Gaza neonatal unit warns babies at risk 'within minutes' if power fails

 A holds a baby and feeds them milk from a bottle.

Hostile groups could send supplies with toxins to harm Israeli infants

 Israeli soldiers guard the bodies of victims of an attack following a mass infiltration by Hamas gunmen from the Gaza Strip, in Kibbutz Kfar Aza, in southern Israel, October 10, 2023.

Photos of babies being burnt, decapitated confirmed

 Fallow Deer, Forest of Dean

'Got to get with her friends' imperative in animal breeding – study

 A teenager smoking (illustrative).

Teenage boys who smoke risk respiratory damage to future kids

 Baby in a crib

Lullaby reduces pain for newborns during minor procedures - study

10,000 Liters: How did she pump so much breast milk?

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 Baby sleeps in car

How many hours a night should your children sleep between ages 0 and 18?


Whooping cough outbreak in ultra-Orthodox Israeli population requires urgent vaccinations

 Researchers find both children of parents with mental illness are at increased risk of being born too early – both the mothers and fathers are important.

Fathers' psychiatric diagnosis increases risk of preterm birth - study

Breast milk has been prove to be more beneficial than baby formula.

Potentially harmful bacteria found in Mehadrin Materna baby formula

 A 17th-Century painting of a baby.

Infanticide by married couples was routine in 1500-1800 - book

 THE WRITER speaks at an annual mega networking event run by her organization, in Tel Aviv, earlier this year.

Raising two babies in the Holy Land - opinion

By Helena Baker
 Photograph of a mother and a puppy.

Mothers are happier, more articulate with babies, puppies - study

 Mother and baby

Can a kiss on the lips be fatal for babies?

 Illustrative image of a baby drinking from a bottle.

How can you tell if your baby is dehydrated?

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