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 Elizabeth Stahlmann plays a Holocaust museum archivist in "Here There Are Strawberries."

We must teach the history of antisemitism in all countries, not just European ones - opinion

 Speakers of the evening - left to right Judge Sofaer, Judge Strong, Carole Basri and Aurora Cassirer.

NYC bar association holds event on the Forced Emigration of Jews from the Middle East

 Mass grave of victims of the Farhud, 1941. Scanning of a page from the book 'Iraq' (edited by Haim Saadoun), published by the Ministry of Education and the Ben - Zvi, Jerusalem

I survived a pogrom in Iraq 82 years ago. I know where Hamas’ extremism will lead - opinion

By Joseph Samuels/JTA
 THE WRITER’S great-grandfather Alberto Berdugo (third from left) is joined by his fellow functionaries at the Glaoui Residence in Marrakech, c.1953.

Jews were in MENA before Muslims, Arabs - opinion

A PHOTO of displaced Iraqi Jews in 1951. The government hopes to give a voice to the story of the millions of Jewish refugees

Don't forget, remember the Farhud - editorial