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 You don't want to end up sick on your next vacation (illustrative)

Seeing is believing: How observing sickness triggers biological defense mechanisms - study

 Fruit and vegetables in a supermarket.

Discounts on healthy food lead to increase in consumption - study

Vaccination against the flu

‘Tired’ of getting vaccinated, Israelis are reluctant to get flu shots

 Aura Air air filtration system in a gaming room.

Expensive air purifiers won't necessarily keep you healthy, experts say

 All Day Slimming Tea Reviews

All Day Slimming Tea Reviews: The Solution for Healthy Weight Loss

 The Smoothie Diet Reviews

The Smoothie Diet Reviews: Fake or Legit? 21 Day Weight Loss Program


Reducing salt intake can lower blood pressure

Preventing bacteria buildup on your toothbrush: Expert tips

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Eight tips to clean your mattress right

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Improving sleep in difficult times: 7 steps for better rest

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What is the secret fruit behind great eye health?

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Proper butt wiping technique: Boost your health with expert tips

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Warning: This bedtime habit could make you sick

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The healthiest vegetable you probably didn't know about

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The secret health benefits of banana strings and peels

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Lead exposure: Greater threat to heart health than smoking or cholesterol

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 An older woman receives a vaccine (illustrative)

US begins human trials of a 'universal' flu vaccine

 Close-Up Shot of Turmeric Powder

Is turmeric a good treatment for indigestion? - study