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A person of interest identified by police as Robert Card is seen in this handout image released October 25, 2023.

Suspected gunman wanted in Lewiston shooting found dead

 Human remains are found in a cave, and unearthed to be analyzed by Tibicena, an archaeology company, in Galdar, on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain March 13, 2023.

Caves in Spain contain ancient human remains that were modified - study

A sarcophagus found at the newly discovered site where two embalming workshops for humans and animals along with two tombs and a collection of artefacts were also found, near Egypt's Saqqara necropolis, in Giza, Egypt May 27, 2023

Egypt unearths mummification workshops, tombs in ancient burial ground

 Mummy portrait found in Fayoum, Egypt.

Rare mummy portraits discovered in Egypt

 A cameraman films the only known example of a pregnant Egyptian mummy, displayed at an exhibition in National Museum in Warsaw, Poland May 4, 2021

Ancient Egyptians were mummified for 'guidance to divinity,' not preservation

 Human skull (illustrative).

6,000-year-old skull found in Taiwan may confirm ancient local legends

 Poster shows the four family members kidnapped from central California

California family kidnapped on Monday found dead

 Illustrative photo of a skeleton

1,000-year-old antisemitic violence victims revealed in archaeological discovery

 Illustrative photo of a skeleton

Ancient jawbone could give glimpse of Europe's earliest humans

Slightly larger brains than modern humans, and stronger, but extinct. An illustration of the Neanderthal man.

New evidence shows history of human species more complex than thought

By Dr. Yonat Eshchar/Davidson Institute of Science Education
Head lice

Head lice on humans can preserve ancient DNA - study

TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY Prof. Israel Hershkovitz holds what scientists say are two pieces of fossilized bone of a previously unknown kind of early human discovered at the Nesher Ramla site.

Israel is a crossroads for human evolution

Hila May, a physical anthropologist at the Dan David Center and the Shmunis Institute of Tel Aviv University holds what scientists say is a piece of fossilised bone of a previously unknown kind of early human discovered at the Nesher Ramla site in central Israel, during an interview with Reuters at

How a bone puzzle helped identify new type of prehistoric human in Israel

A portrait of a female Denisovan teenager.

China's 'Dragon Man' may be an undiscovered ancient relative of humans

 The mummy of boy pharaoh King Tutankhamun is on display in his newly renovated tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt January 31, 2019.

Colorado cult accused keeping leader's mummified remains appear in court

A handaxe from the Achelean layers at Wonderwerk, South Africa. In the background is the cave entrance.

Israeli scholars find millions-year-old human traces in ‘Miracle’ Cave

Electric guitar, illustrative

Death Metal: Florida man uses uncle's skeleton to build guitar

IDF soldiers at the demolition of Islam Yousef Abu Hamid's home al-Am’ari refugee camp, October 24 2019

MK Suleiman: Israel steals body, yet says IDF world’s most moral army