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 You don't want to end up sick on your next vacation (illustrative)

Seeing is believing: How observing sickness triggers biological defense mechanisms - study

Vaccination against the flu

‘Tired’ of getting vaccinated, Israelis are reluctant to get flu shots

 A man receives a COVID-19 vaccination at a health clinic in Jerusalem

Beyond treatment: Reframing health in our ill-health systems

 Hatem enjoys his coffee outing with Hadassah-University Medical Center staff.

Chronically ill Hadassah patient has coffee date of a lifetime

 Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, beginning its blood-meal

Israeli infected with Dengue fever after trip abroad

 Detection of Ophidascaris robertsi nematode infection in a 64-year-old woman from southeastern New South Wales, Australia.

Live parasitic worm extracted from 64-year-old woman's brain


Craving something sweet? These 6 spices reduce the desire for sugar

 You don't want to end up sick on your next vacation (illustrative)

Can children recognize sick people's faces? - study

 Illustrative photo of a toddler.

How do children recover easily from common colds during the first three years of life?

 People wearing protective suits collect dead birds, as there is a major outbreak of bird flu, in Vadso municipality in Finnmark in Norway, July 20,2023

Norway, Finland battle rapid spread of bird flu

A portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven

Fragments of Beethoven’s skull returned to Austrian university

Community Contribution: Shufersal's "100 Wishes" Campaign for Make-A-Wish

By Denis Bar Aharon
 You don't want to end up sick on your next vacation (illustrative)

Travel troubles: How to avoid getting sick on your next vacation

By Walla!
Madonna performs during her Rebel Heart Tour concert at Studio City in Macau, China February 20, 2016

Madonna postpones tour after severe health emergency

 Mosquito feeding on blood

First US malaria cases diagnosed in decades in Florida and Texas

 Lower back pain (illustrative).

What is chronic inflammation and how can you prevent it?

By Dr. Dalit Dreman-Medina/Walla!
 Picture of a hospital (illustrative).

Where do terminal patients prefer to die - at home or in a hospital?

  This plague patient is displaying a swollen, ruptured inguinal lymph node, or buboe.

Scientists find evidence of the bubonic plague in Bronze Age England - study