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 AN EVACUEE and his caregiver on their way to Yad Sarah’s hotel.

For both Israelis and Palestinians, NGOs offer essential support during war

Daniel Shadmy, Spokesperson of ELNET-Israel

Navigating Tensions: The Crucial Need of NGOs Amidst the Hamas-Israel Conflict - Opinion

By Daniel Shadmy
  Delegates meet with army professionals who have been treating Israel's wounded.

Israeli NGO visits injured soldiers to strengthen ties with IDF

OUTSIDE THE Jerusalem Employment Office

NGO convinces government to pay workers unemployed due to war

Israel Rises homepage.

Israel Rises: Aid platform launched to coordinate volunteer efforts

 Hamas bot posts promoting the narrative that taking dozens of Israeli civilians hostage was justified. Posts like this had a potential reach of 230,000,000 views.

Haifa-based NGO gaslights by claiming pro-terror social media posts are 'censored'

 Israeli soldiers guard after clashes between Palestinians and Jewish settlers near the Palestinian village of Jalud, in the West Bank, June 22, 2023.

Settler violence spiking in the West Bank as country focuses on Gaza - NGOs, activists

The logo of Israel Discount Bank is reflected in mirrors outside their branch in Tel Aviv, Israel July 27, 2016

Israeli banks offer services to NGOs that cause harm to IDF - influencer

By Walla!
 Pro-Palestine supporters take part in a protest in Brussels, Belgium May 15, 2021

Antisemitic NGOs justify terror in three stages - opinion

Members of the International Committee of the Red Cross stand near Erez Crossing in 2007.

50-strong coalition of organization calls on Red Cross to secure Hamas hostages employees visited Meir Panim as a part of a team-building retreat

From high-tech workers to tourists, Meir Panim draws volunteers from all walks of life

MEMBERS OF the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) aim their weapons at an effigy depicting US President Donald Trump as they ride a truck during a protest in Gaza City.

11 NGOs urge Stripe to end donation services to terror-linked US charity

 A Holocaust survivor's ransacked home is seen in this edited photo after robbers invaded.

Israeli NGO aids in cleanup of ransacked Holocaust survivor home

 HIGH COURT justices hear petitions against the Incapacitation Law.

Right, Left file amicus briefs ahead of reasonableness law hearing

 A TOAST and a taste of new wines in the Barkan Altitude series. (From left:) Ido Lewinson, Olivier Prati, Lee Boldes, and Nir Gil.

Grapevine August 18, 2023: It’s party time

 Haredim protest in Jerusalem against the conscription of ultra-Orthodox youth into the army.

'Draft yeshiva students to IDF now' - reservists to court

 YUVAL WAGNER at Palmahim Air Force base, where he trained and served prior to his accident.

Access Israel founder shares goal to make Jewish state accessible

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting in the prime minister's office in Jerusalem, 30 July 2023.

Netanyahu violating conflict of interest over reform again - NGO to A-G