55% of the population experienced a sensation while listening to music

What do music's chills reveal about your brain?

By Walla!
 Yael Gal, SAP Global Future of Work

Navigating the Future of Work: Insights from a Comprehensive Study on Hybrid Work Dynamics

Artwork showing a section of Kuiper Belt, crowded with the icy cores of potential comets.

An Earth-like planet may be hanging out in the outer solar system - study

Elderly Israelis wait for their turn to vote

An unhealthy lifestyle may land you in a nursing home - study

 Until recently, about half of the human Y chromosome was missing from the reference genome. Now, scientists have sequenced this chromosome from end to end.

Scientists release the first complete sequence of a human Y chromosome

 An illustration of a future colony on Mars. (Illustrative)

Want to move to Mars? It takes 22 people to run a colony

 Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Scientists use death masks to recreate the face of 18th century royal

 Atom (illustrative)

The 'demon particle': Have scientists discovered the impossible? - study

A baby crying while drinking from a bottle. (Illustrative)

Are you exposing your baby to harmful plastic particles? - study

 Woman with long, curly, brown hair.

Have you been having a bad hair day? Blame your genes

 The calm surface of the ocean on a clear day.

The Atlantic ocean current may collapse this century, scientists warn

 A brown widow spider.

Less parasitism and predation: Why brown widow spiders thrive in the city

 A female fruit fly.

Scientists unlock the secret to virgin birth in animals

 This illustration depicts NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope – the largest, most powerful, and most complex space science telescope ever built – fully unfolded in space. The telescope’s first full-color images and spectroscopic data will demonstrate Webb at its full power, ready to begin its mission

NASA's James Webb telescope discovers water vapor on rocky planet

 Sandstorm in Eilat, June 1, 2023.

The risk of fatal heart attack may double when the air is hot and dusty

 Egyptian fruit bat.

Israeli scientists ‘hire’ fruit bats to participate in experiments on where air is warmer in cities

 Photo from the experiment at the Swiss Light Source synchrotron

More products to be produced with less material, pollution, fewer byproducts - BGU study

 Olive oil

A way to reduce risk of dementia? Study suggests swapping margarine for olive oil