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 Scanning electron microscope images of the enamel layer enveloping mouse teeth. Top: Normal enamel matrix. Bottom: Enamel structure that developed abnormally in the wake of attacks by autoantibodies against enamel proteins.

Newly discovered autoimmune disorder disrupts tooth enamel development

 Oatmeal with fruit and almonds

10 ways to reduce your cancer risk by up to 30%

By Walla!

What you eat has a major impact on risk of Alzheimer’s disease - study

 A PICTURE OF Shani Nicole Louk, who was missing following the Supernova massacre on October 7, is displayed during a demonstration last month by family members and supporters of hostages who are being held in Gaza after they were kidnapped from Israel by Hamas. Louk’s death was later confirmed by I

Traces of emotional trauma from war? Here's how you can erase them - study

 WALKING IN central Jerusalem: It doesn’t cost any money to go out for a walk everyday.

Walking improves information processing in adults with Down syndrome - study

 Illustration of a brain.

Memories of trauma trigger distinct brain activity, say Yale researchers

 A fan holds an album by the seventies rock group The Doors and a candle near the tomb of late singer Jim Morrison during a ceremony marking what would have been Morrison's 60th birthday at the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, December 8, 2003.

Bach, Beatles, or hip-hop? Study links music tastes to inner moral compass

 An illustrative image of a brain.

No need for brain exercise's anymore, some personality traits have a lower risk of Alzheimer's

 Prof. Aren Maier

Experts question claim of 'earliest Hebrew inscription' on Mt. Ebal

 People shop for plants at Giant Tamar Plant nursery in Jerusalem, on September 2, 2021

Without eyes, how do plants determine where light is coming from?

 Members of Qassam Brigades choir attend a rally marking the 35th anniversary of the Hamas movement's founding, in Gaza City December 14, 2022.

Israel-Hamas war: How quickly can Hamas recover from Gaza defeat? - analysis

Coronavirus symptoms could be reduced by half with this simple operation

By Walla!
 Children playing with a dog.

How do dogs and children see the world? - study

People shout slogans and hold up papers during a protest against coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions after a vigil for the victims of a fire in Urumqi, as outbreaks of COVID-19 continue, in Beijing, China, November 28, 2022.

Terrorism worries those with authoritarian views more than pandemics - study

 An illustrative image of two women sharing a secret.

Keep good news a secret, scientists say it will make you feel energized

 Woman laying her mobile phone down on the table (illustrative)

Can a social media detox improve your mental health?

Former leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn speaks during a protest in solidarity with Palestinians, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, in London, Britain, October 14, 2023.

Ethnicity one of the largest factors in antisemitic attitudes in the UK - study

By Yuval Barnea
 A new study shows that big data can predict a plant's effect on climate.

Perennials vs annuals: Israeli big data on plants can predict their impact on climate change