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Israeli man convicted after breaking into home to stop threesome

For brain and heart health: 8 healthy reasons to have more sex

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Belgian prison guards hold prison sex parties

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 Two squirrels kissing

This couple is getting a divorce for a very strange reason

 Former South Korean "comfort woman" Lee Yong-soo looks at a statue symbolising "comfort women" at the Seoul Comfort Women Memorial in Seoul, South Korea, June 29, 2021

South Korea court orders Japan to compensate 'comfort women'

 COULD A stroll to walk the dog be interrupted by missiles?

Are Hamas rockets messing with your love life? - opinion

Israel ranks low on Global Sexual Permissiveness Index

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 Fallow Deer, Forest of Dean

'Got to get with her friends' imperative in animal breeding – study

Man invites three women on a first date. Here's what happened next

 View of the Gilboa Prison December 5, 2022.

Israeli prison guards had 'intimate relations' with jailed terrorist

 "Jake Segal" was not who the women he seduced online thought he was.

Israel to indict 'Jake Segal' for tricking women into sex, relationships

Chilling revelation: Ice baths awaken passion

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 Are there health benefits to abstaining from sex and masturbation? (Illustrative)

Friends with benefits – what a sex and relationship therapist wants you to know

 An artistic illustration generated by artificial intelligence of a rabbi surrounded by roses, symbolizing heartbreak and deception.

Jerusalem police collect testimonies of 32 women against 'Jake Segal'

 ‘JAKE SEGAL’ has been dubbed ‘Yeshiva Deceiva’ by X’s friends; other monikers in circulation include ‘Jake the Fake,’ ‘Jake the Snake,’ and ‘Jakeyl & Hyde.’

'He had a smile to kill': Jake Segal victim shares how rabbi deceived her

 Dating apps (illustrative).

Dater, beware: Staying safe and avoiding catfish in online dating

 Wooden blocks spell out "I love you."

Want to find true love? Birds of feather flock together - study

 A man gives a woman a glass of wine.

Alcohol won’t make others sexier, just you more confident - study