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weather conditions in israel

 People exercise at the beach in Tel Aviv, Israel April 20, 2024.

Nearly 100-year record high temperatures hit Tel Aviv

 WINTER’S NIGHT: Snow covered streets of Jerusalem, 2021.

Pain-based weather forecasts could influence actions, study shows

 Tourists on Mount Olives look at the foggy view of the Old City of Jerusalem on April 24, 2022, as a major sand storm hit across Israel.

Israel warns: Air pollution high on Sunday; minimize strenuous activity

 Jerusalem on a cold rainy day in spring, April 13, 2023.

Rabbi suggests unexpected rain in Israel on Sukkot due to political divide, judicial reform

Israelis enjoy the beach on a hot spring day, in Tel Aviv, April 06, 2021

Hot and dry weather, with some rain, expected over Sukkot

An overflowing Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv is seen on September 13, 2023 following heavy rains in central Israel

Why did it rain in Israel before Rosh Hashanah?

 Metzitzim Beach, June 1, 2023.

Israel's August had record-breaking heatwave, unexpected rain

 Israeli families enjoy the cool water of the Hidden Waterfall that flows into the Sea of Galilee, in Kfar Nahum, northern Israel, on August 17, 2023.

Israel sees brief respite from extreme heat as temperatures drop

 A young child uses a tablet in the back seat of a car (illustrative)

'The Sizzling Schnitzel:' A startling summer warning for parents

 Israelis enjoying the beach in Ashkelon during a heatwave, August 27, 2022

Israelis enjoy brief respite from extreme heat wave

 Israelis enjoying the beach in Ashkelon during a heatwave, August 27, 2022

Israel's extreme heat wave: How much longer will it last?


Letters to the Editor, June 21, 2023: Fulminating hatred

Winter in Israel.

Thunderstorms in June? Here's why it's raining in Israel

 Woman with a headache

The hot weather may be making this medical condition worse

 YULIA, AN endangered female Mediterranean monk seal, takes a nap on the shore in Jaffa on May 15

My Word: Curious headlines for curious minds

 Sandstorm in Eilat, June 1, 2023.

Extreme weather strikes throughout Israel amid springtime heatwave

 People enjoy at the beach in Herzliya, during a hot weather, on May 22, 2023.

Heatwaves and thunderstorms: Israel set for weekend of unusual weather

HUNDREDS OF tourists walk towards Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem

Israel rated best summer vacation destination worldwide