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Israeli, Argentinian artists commemorate the 1992 terror attack against embassy

  (photo credit: Embassy of israel in Argentina)
(photo credit: Embassy of israel in Argentina)

March 17, 1992 began as a day like many others in Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, at 2:42 pm, a pick up truck full of explosive and driven by a suicide bomber was detonated in front of the Embassy of Israel, killing 29 people and wounding another 242. In order to honor those victims and commemorate the attack, three musicians joined forces and produced a new musical clip performing a “Un Día Como Cualquier Día,” (a day like many others) written by local artist Alejandro Lerner for the thirtieth anniversary of the massacre.

In addition to Lerner, the clip features Israeli musician Idan Raichel and Israeli Argentinian musician Pablo Rosenberg. Produced by the Israeli Embassy, the video also includes footage and images of the day of the attack.

“I don't know where I live, I do not know what time it is, I don't know if it's tomorrow, or still yesterday,” the singers say, describing the feeling of loss, grievance and shock after the attack.

“The process of producing the music video lasted over a year and a half,” said Amital Perry, cultural attaché at the embassy. “When the song came out, it soon turned into the music associated with the attack, was played on the radio during the days leading to its anniversary and was featured in many TV segments and special programs on the event.”

The Embassy in Argentina held a special screening of the video for the survivors and the families of the victims, to pledge that their suffering will never be forgotten.

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