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Astrologers reveal the most pessimistic and negative zodiac signs

 A woman is frustrated while working from her computer with notebooks all around her (Illustrative) (photo credit: PXHERE)
A woman is frustrated while working from her computer with notebooks all around her (Illustrative)
(photo credit: PXHERE)

Looking at the positive side of any complex situation isn't for everyone. Are you one of the most negative signs?

Astrology makes it possible to identify the people who don't look at the glass half full. So it's true, it sucks to find out that your favorite dish on the menu is sold out, but is that a good enough reason to spend the rest of the day whining? Is it worth continuing to resent the coffee you spilled on your shirt in the morning?

For the pessimists among us, it's probably worth it. Even such small annoyances may provoke anger and melancholy in them.

Astrologically, the  the most negative and pessimistic zodiac signs have been identified and ranked from slightly negative to the most pessimistic.


"A grounded earth sign that tends to be realistic and not pessimistic, but its stubbornness can bring negativity out of it," Marita Andreeva, an astrologer from the Futurio app, explained to BestLife. "Even if they need help - they won't ask for it."


Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical added that "it makes them look ultra-competitive." Their stubborn behavior makes them resist changes and look only at the negative side of every situation.


Much like Taurus, this sign does not favor the unknown.

"Virgos crave order, structure, and hierarchy, and while change can improve such situations, they are well aware of all possible negative consequences and side effects—usually before they even occur," Kirsten shares.

Claire added that their perfectionist behavior "can also make them irritable and overly critical of themselves and others." These can lead to anxiety and negative thinking.


Cancer is known as the most sensitive sign of the zodiac.


"They are very empathetic and care for others," says Claire.

But since they're a water sign ruled by the moon, they're also prone to "moods, overreacting, and insecurity," she adds.

As Kirsten puts it, "Cancers can't stop themselves from 'feeling it all,' so they often let their emotional instincts and concerns influence their larger view of situations. This can be great in circumstances that require empathy, but disastrous in other circumstances."


As a sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline, Capricorns are best known as workaholics and orderlies, "but they can also come across as pessimistic, rigid and emotionless," says Claire.

Their desire to stay on track means they "see risks and 'what ifs' around every corner," notes Kirsten.

So, don't expect them to take part in any impromptu activities. Also, don't expect them to reveal their true feelings.

"Capricorn boys and girls are usually reserved people who don't show their emotions," Andreeva says. Instead, they may criticize those around them.

The most negative sign: Scorpio

Astrologers agree that Scorpio is the most negative sign in the zodiac. Like Cancer and Pisces, this is a very sensitive water sign. Like Capricorn, they keep those feelings bottled up.

"Scorpios usually have trouble trusting others because of past hurt," explains Kirsten.

Because they are so skeptical of everyone, they "expect dirty tricks everywhere and have a somewhat pessimistic view of the world," Andreeva says.

Their emotions are extreme when they feel they have been wronged.

"Scorpios are very prone to holding grudges or being vengeful," adds Claire, who says they can "sometimes come across as possessive, jealous and overbearing."