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cancer detection

 Pancreas sections from control and P. gingivalis-infected mice. Control mouse showing a small pre-cancerous lesion

Oral bacteria can speed up development of pancreatic cancer - study

 Stress (illustrative).

Chronic stress can cause cancer spread - study

 Stomach Cancer

The importance of regular checkups in preventing cancer

By Dr. Benny Davidson
Mice [Illustrative]

Fantastic Voyage of nanorobots in mouse bladders defeat cancerous tumors by 90%

 Examining the inner workings of the brain, where neurodegenerative diseases can occur (Illustrative).

Israeli scientists unlock new information key to fighting brain cancer

 A 3D rendering of cancer cells (Illustrative).

For one Jewish family, education about family cancer history pays dividends

Tissues from mice transplanted with lung cancer cells. When PSME4 levels are high (left, top and bottom), the tumors grow bigger, cancer-fighting killer T cells (white) are reduced (top) and regulatory T cells (green) that inhibit the immune response are more abundant (bottom), compared with regular

Avoiding detection: How cancers evolve to escape immune system responses

 Dr. Shahar Alon.

Two Bar-Ilan University researchers receive NIS 14m. in grants

 A person makes their bed.

This lesser-known sign of cancer can appear on your sheets every morning

 Cancer cells (illustrative).

Mannose sugar kills honeybees, but it could also help fight cancer

Breast cancer illustrative photo.

Jewish women should get mammograms at 40, experts say. Here’s why

 Woman examines her skin, touching her cheek (illustrative).

Skin cancer signs: How to know if a mole is dangerous

 P-Cure System

Israeli hospital offers cancer patients new hope thanks to new tech

 Hospital equipment (illustrative)

Can cancer kill within 24 hours of diagnosis? This case proves that it can

By Walla!
 Illustrative image of a breast cancer ribbon.

When a breast cancer diagnosis knocked me down, Jewish women lifted me up

 Prof. Gal Markel Director of the Davidoff Center and the Samueli Institute in Bilinson The couple Dr. Henry and Dr. Susan Samueli Dr. Eitan Wertheim Director of the Bilinson and Sharon Hospitals and Finny (Pinchas) Cohen Yore Association Friends of the Medical Center

Beilinson Friends Forum hosts event for cancer innovation in Israel

 Cancer Immunotherapy by  NIH Image Gallery.

Parents who lost a child to cancer raise funds to help others

 Growing cancer cells (in purple) are surrounded by healthy cells (in pink), illustrating a primary tumor spreading to other parts of the body.

Inbreeding of first cousins puts younger Arabs, Druze in Galilee at high risk for colon cancer