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 Scenes from the new Italian film 'Astolfo.'

An older man gets a second chance in 'Astolfo' - review

 Yahav Winner was an award-winning filmmaker who was killed by Hamas terrorists on October 7th at Kibbutz Kfar Aza.

Killed by Hamas, Israeli filmmaker was inspired by border horrors

 Aleeza Chanowitz of 'Chanshi.'

'Chanshi' creator disinvited from Stockholm film festival

 THE GATE to Auschwitz, photographed in January 2021, 76 years after the camp’s liberation: There are still countless Jews who say about the Shoah, ‘If this could happen, how can anyone still believe in God?’

In New Yorker doc ‘Nina & Irena,’ a director helps his grandmother open up about the Holocaust

'Diary of a Fleeting Affair.'

New French film is fleeting fun - review

 KEREN ZELC presents ‘Foreground/Background’ in the group exhibition ‘May Things Be?’

Jerusalem highlights November 3-9

 GUY NATTIV, director of ‘Tatami’, and his wife, producer/actress Jaime Ray Newman, at the Tokyo Film Festival.

Israeli directed movie won two prizes at 36th Tokyo International Film Festival

 ‘Inside Out’: The different emotions in a girl’s head.

Israeli movie theaters begin reopening amid war

 RANDOL SCHOENBERG and his son Joey Schoenberg in ‘Fioretta.’

'Fioretta': A Jewish genealogy comes to life on screen

TAL KANTOR filming at a Free Farm for pigs

21st Warsaw Jewish Film Festival brings Israeli talents

Steve McQueen

Acclaimed non-Jewish filmmaker Steve McQueen earned a 4-hour applause for Holocaust-themed doc.

A Holocaust survivor receives free treatment from a doctor

Breaking down the bias: the portrayals of women in medicine in films

 WHO DOESN’T love ‘The Princess Bride’?

Seeing movies, in person and online, amid Israel's war with Hamas

 ROBERT DE NIRO with DiCaprio, once again.

'Killers of the Flower Moon': Another Scorsese, De Niro, DiCaprio hit

 NOAH’S ARK at the Biblical Museum of Natural History.

Israel-Hamas war distractions: Entertainment to keep kids occupied

 A SCENE from ‘Love Life.’

'Love Life': A story of loss and love - review

 IRANIAN DIRECTOR Mehran Tamadon at the Haifa International Film Festival

Iranian director speaks on Iranian torturers behind Haifa Cinematheque

 THE LANDMARK Israeli film ‘Late Summer Blues’ comes to the stage.

Iconic film ‘Late Summer Blues’ becomes a stage musical - review