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milk production in israel

Mothers on the frontlines: The milk bank saving babies in wartime

 Baby in a crib

Breast milk donations called for by Health Ministry

 The "Chocolate Milk Faucet" at the Yotvata Inn

This Kibbutz offers endless free chocolate milk for kids

 Illustrative image of a dairy cow.

Israeli trial shows better milk quality in cows without antibiotics

 Is the price of milk in Israel only going to continue to rise? (illustrative)

Israeli finance minister ends 40% milk import tariff to stop shortage

 Is the price of milk in Israel only going to continue to rise? (illustrative)

Why are dairy products so expensive, and is there a shortage?

 Illustration image of a man fueling his car at a gas station, in Jerusalem, on June 28, 2022.

Gas, milk prices continue to rise

Montgomery's cheddar cheese

Which cheese is the healthiest for you to eat?

By Walla!
 Is the price of milk in Israel only going to continue to rise? (illustrative)

Milk and housing markets are among cost of living casualties - Comptroller

 Milk prices are set to rise by more than 9%.

Milk prices rise by 9.28%, increase to double over the next three years

 Israeli company Remilk has received first-of-its-kind regulatory approval from the Health Ministry to market and sell its non-animal dairy products to Israeli consumers.

Remilk gets first-of-its-kind permit to sell non-animal dairy in Israel

 People shop for groceries at the Shufersal Deal supermarket in Katsrin, Golan Heights, on November 28, 2022.

Smotrich blames former gov’t for upcoming 3% rise in milk prices

COW’S MILK can be replaced with almond or coconut milk

Which plant-based milk substitute is the best? Dietician answers

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 Jugs of milk and yogurt.

This is why dairy products make your stomach hurt

 Dairy products on sale at Machsanei HaShuk supermarket chain, one of Israel's largest privately-owned food retail chains, in the northern town of Katsrin, Golan Heights on September 12, 2022.

High dairy prices may rise up to 16% in May

Cows establish a complex social hierarchy that new dairy farmers must manage

Dairy costs set to drop amid cost of living crisis

 Imagindairy's cow-free milk in action.

These Israeli new-milk makers are getting Big Dairy’s attention

 Maolac's superfood offerings

Maolac creates breast milk-like superfood from cow colostrum