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 A SCENE from ‘Last Call for Istanbul.’

What to watch in Israel: Focus on the war, a Turkish rom-com, ‘Oppenheimer’

 NIV SULTAN in season two of ‘Tehran.’

Israeli films, TV shows win prizes and fans worldwide

Painting from the tomb of Nebamun show the New Kingdom period accountant Nebamun hunting birds in the marshes of Egypt.

What would Cleopatra and Augustus look like today? Check it out

By Walla!
 ‘BROS’ WITH Hanan Savyon and Guy Amir.

Israeli series ‘Bros’ to stream on Netflix

 ONE SECTION in ‘Spy Ops’ details how the Mossad killed the terrorist, Ali Hassan Salameh, who was living the high life in Beirut.

Netflix series ‘Spy Ops’ looks deeply into Mossad history

An illustration photo shows the logo of Netflix, the American provider of on-demand internet streaming media.

Israeli thriller 'Trust No One' sold to Netflix

 Lior Raz and Lucy Ayoub of 'Fauda.'

Show of Hamsa: Fauda will return for a fifth season

 ‘WHO IS Erin Carter?’

Yom Kippur War anniversary, mysteries, and more – what to watch on Israeli TV

 ‘SOVIETZKA’ (Sitting, from left) Evgenia Dodina as the mother, Fira Kantor as the grandmother, and Gera Sandler as the father. (Standing, from left) Lena Fraifeld, Daniel Styopin and Suzanna Papian.

'Sovietzka,' 'The Bear,' 'Painkiller': What's new to watch on Israeli TV

 ‘YOU ARE So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah’: From left, Idina Menzel, Samantha Lorraine, Adam Sandler, Sunny Sandler, and Sadie Sandler.

'You Are So Not Invited': Adam Sandler's bat mitzvah film gets trailer

 Gal Gadot poses on the pink carpet for the world premiere of the film "Barbie" in Los Angeles, California, U.S., July 9, 2023.

Gal Gadot spices it up over chicken wings on 'Hot Ones' YouTube show

 GAL GADOT in ‘Heart of Stone.’

Gal Gadot kicks her way through ‘Heart of Stone’

 BRITISH ARCHAEOLOGIST Howard Carter supervises carpenters preparing to reseal Tutankhamun’s tomb, in Luxor, Egypt.

Voices from the Arab press: Restoring overdue credit to Egypt

 Netflix's mobile app is displayed on a tablet..

Netflix introduces a new app feature to make streaming easier

 KEVIN SPACEY ARRIVES for his trial on nine charges at Southwark Crown Court on July 14, in London.

Kevin Spacey should not be uncanceled - opinion

 Aleeza Ben Shalom, host of "Jewish Matchmaking," at her home in Israel, July 5, 2023.

‘Make Me a Match’ maven Aleeza Ben Shalom takes Netflix to heart and soul

 Noah Schnapp speaking at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.

Jewish ‘Stranger Things’ star Noah Schnapp visits Israel

The Netflix logo is seen on their office in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, US July 16, 2018.

Netflix scraps cheapest ad-free plan to boost ad-tier