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Golda Meir served in office as the fourth Prime Minister of Israel. She was elected as Prime Minister on the 17th of March in 1969. Previously, she held offices as the Minister of Labor and as the Foreign Minister. She was often referred to as the “Iron Lady” of Israel. She resigned in 1974, the year the Yom Kippur war ended.
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 Left to Right: Bobby Rechnitz, Chairman, Golda Meir Commemorative Coin Committee; Senator Ted Cruz, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Ezra Friedlander, CEO, The Friedlander Group

Senators say Israel should be given time to defeat Hamas at commemorative event

 PM MENACHEM BEGIN (R) and Egyptian president Anwar Sadat shake hands in the presence of a beaming US president Jimmy Carter at Camp David, Maryland, 1978. The peace treaty was signed March 26, 1979, and went into effect in January 1980.

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 Lauren Friedman works on one of the IAF's F-35 fighter jets.

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 THEN-ISRAELI prime minister Golda Meir with then-US secretary of state Henry Kissinger and deputy prime minister Yigal Allon at the Prime Minister’s Residence, Jerusalem, in 1973.

Henry Kissinger gives exclusive interview weeks before his death

 HELEN MIRREN as Golda Meir (C) discusses the war with her staff (L to R): Dvir Benedek as Eli Zeira, chief of military intelligence; Lior Ashkenazi as chief of staff David ‘Dado’ Elazar; and Rami Heuberger as defense minister Moshe Dayan.

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 GOLDA MEIR, 1964.

AI brings Golda Meir back to life at University of Haifa

 PRIME MINISTER Golda Meir stands with US president Richard Nixon and secretary of state Henry Kissinger, outside the White House, in November 1973.

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 HELEN MIRREN in Guy Nattiv’s ‘Golda.’

Good as ‘Golda’: Nattiv on directing Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren as Israel’s Prime Minister Golda Meir in ‘Golda.’

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 FROM LEFT: Howard Zeimer, president, Caulfield Hebrew Congregation; Ambassador Amir Maimon; and Doron Eldar, partner in SIBF.

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 Helen Miren as Golda

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Helen Mirren as Israel’s Prime Minister Golda Meir in ‘Golda.’

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 HELEN MIRREN as Gold Meir in ‘Golda.’

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 HELEN MIRREN plays the Israeli prime minister in ‘Golda.’

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 HELEN MIRREN as Israel’s prime minister Golda Meir in ‘Golda.’

‘Golda’: Helen Mirren triumphs as Israel’s late prime minister - review

 Prime minister Golda Meir, accompanied by her defense minister Moshe Dayan, meets with soldiers on the Golan Heights after the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

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 GOLDA MEIR, 1964.

Golda Meir considered Palestinian statehood, declassified documents reveal

 GOLDA MEIR, 1964.

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