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A burger

Processed foods are not as unhealthy as you think - new study

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 Fruit and vegetables in a supermarket.

Discounts on healthy food lead to increase in consumption - study

Melon has surprising health benefits that you may not know about

Staying healthy right now is a full time job for all of us - opinion

 cake? Definately not. Date balls

Satisfy your sweet tooth without guilt: 20 healthy sweets

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Reducing salt intake can lower blood pressure

Coffee, alcohol, fats, preservatives: How food impacts skin health

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Hamas war: How to overcome loss of appetite at stressful times

Strawberry picking at Darom Adom

Middle-aged people who eat strawberries daily could reduce their risk of dementia - study

How cooking with your children can be therapeutic

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Ice cream, snacks just as addictive as cocaine and heroin - study

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 Algae salad with cucumber sesame and soya in black bowl

Cooking secrets from Okinawa: Japan's longevity Island

What is the secret fruit behind great eye health?

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 Vegan and vegetarian groceries and cook books.

Deciding to be a vegetarian may partly come from your genes - study

Mixing these fruits in banana smoothies could harm their health value

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Woman loses arms, legs after eating contaminated fish

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 Food poisoning from junk food (illustrative)

Junk food can cause depression, loss of resilience and adaptability - study

Doctor's warning: Avoid using these pans in your kitchen

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Possible health benefits of quince: The fruit you may not know about

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