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Israeli consul in St. Petersburg and local celebrity chef prepare ‘Golda Meir’ soup together

  (photo credit: The Israeli Consulate in St. Petersburg )
(photo credit: The Israeli Consulate in St. Petersburg )

Legendary Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir is known all over the world for the extraordinary qualities and abilities that as the first and only female head of government she brought to Israel’s table. Less known is that she also handed down to posterity her unique recipe for chicken soup. During a cooking workshop led by Russian celebrity chef Ilya Lazerson, the Consul General of Israel in St. Petersburg Dr. Uri Reznik decided to follow her recipe and prepare the dish together with the cook.

The workshop offered Reznik and Lazerson the opportunity to discuss the importance of food as a way to learn about different cultures, the story of Golda Meir, and other delicious Israeli recipes. It was broadcasted on Lazerson’s YouTube channel and viewed by some 140,000 people.

Lazerson is a Russian-Jewish chef, TV and radio host, video blogger, and author of dozens of cookbooks. Last year, he became a crucial partner in the culinary events organized by the consulate general of Israel in St. Petersburg.

In addition to 'Golda's soup', the chef prepared a 'makhmara' (a traditional Moroccan potato pie with vegetables).

Among other things, the diplomat and the chef talked about the Jewish community in St. Petersburg, about Golda Meir and about the concept of "the kitchen." During the time Meir served as prime minister in the years 1969-1974, the term became a synonym of a gathering venue for state officials and heads of states, where fateful decisions were made around the small dining table.

Reznik and Lazerson also spoke about Sabich, the Jewish-Iraqi dish featuring the ingredients of the traditional breakfast of Iraqi Jews on Saturday morning - including pita, tahini, salad, eggs, vegetables and eggplant - that has become a staple of Israeli cuisine.

The two agreed that sabich will be at the center of the next culinary workshop they will do together.